Multi-Specialty Medical Clinic

Multi-Speciality Medical Clinic

The Multi-Specialty Medical Clinic services include a Walk-In Clinic, Family Practice Clinic with Primary Care Physicians, Urgent Care Clinic (coming soon), and Blood Lab Services.

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No appointment necessary, just walk in and let our highly trained and experienced medical doctors help you.

Our walk-in medical services at Albion Islington Medical Centre are available so that you can see a doctor when you need one. It is useful in situations where you cannot see your family doctor, do not have a regular doctor, or are traveling from out of city/country. Our doctors can address your urgent health care needs including acute illness and refill of medications. Patients are seen on a first come, first served basis with no appointment required.


In addition to treating acute illnesses and refill of medications, our walk-in clinic provides:

  •     Minor Emergencies
  •     STD Testing
  •     Women’s Health Care
  •     Laceration Suturing and Gluing
  •     Immunization
  •     Wart Treatment
  •     WSIB
  •     Private Forms
  •     Pregnancy Testing
  •     Allergy Shots
  •     Ear Flushing
  •     TB Tests
  •     Well Baby Check
  •     School Forms


Please Note: OHIP cards are required for all visits. Walk-in hours and last patient check-in times are subject to change without notice based on the amount of patients currently waiting and doctor availability.

We know the importance of primary care and family practice in everyone’s health and wellness. We are committed to providing patient-focused and family-centred healthcare that’s right for you. You can expect to receive comprehensive care for your everyday health needs as well as those concerns that are of long term in nature. Our patient-centric approach allows us to remain current with the latest technologies and help guide clinical decisions.


Our primary care physicians take time listening to you and can help you prevent, diagnose and treat various health conditions and schedule follow-ups to ensure continuous personal care. Our clinic provides a range of medical services including health promotion through screening and preventative health advice and counseling, injury and illness prevention, and physical and mental health care. We also provide referrals to the specialists where required.


We offer an array of medical services including:


  •     Health maintenance
  •     Accident care
  •     Claims, forms, notes, referrals
  •     Pre & Post-Natal
  •     Paediatric
  •     Chronic disease
  •     Geriatric
  •     Vaccination (HPV vaccine, Shingles vaccine, Pneumonia vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine)
  •     Cancer prevention & screening
  •     Well baby check
  •     Women wellness – Pap test, Birth control
  •     Adult health care (diabetic, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, wounds, Post operative, Arthritis)
  •     Physicals
  •     Immunizations
  •     Blood work and basic lab tests
  •     Ear flushing
  •     TB tests


Patients are required to make appointments for the Family Practice Clinic. Please contact us to find the next suitable appointment.


Sprains, strains and broken bones care.

Cuts, lacerations and animal bits.

Minor burns care.

Wound care/dressing.


Wart treatment


Our blood lab provides patients and physicians with quality laboratory testing at the Albion-Islington Medical Centre. Some services offered include:

  •     Biochemistry
  •     Cytology
  •     Histology/Surgical Pathology
  •     Hematology
  •     Microbiology
  •     Immunoassays
  •     Drug Screening


Please bring any documentation your family doctor gave you including the referral requisition along with your OHIP health card.